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Yucca Flower

This essence was prepared with Gold and Moonstone Gemstones

Self-empowerment and Upliftment
Freedom to shine your Inner Light and Beauty
Forgiveness and Letting go of past regrets and guilt

The Light that I AM reflects the Light that you are (The flower speaks)

This essence is to remind you of the pure true essence of your inner Spirit Self. You are created in Love and therefore you are Love a spark of the Divine essence of the Source of All That Is.

The Yucca stem of flowers stands tall and strong in its beauty, radiating its beautiful Light out for all to see. Each flower consists of 6 petals and 6 stamen within its centre, all of which are a creamy, silky white which appeared to me to be radiating shining Light. The number 6 is said to be feminine, with a caring and loving nature. This number has a balanced vibration, bringing harmony, peace and truth to all experiences of life.

The Yucca Flower remedy assists with the birthing of the new you within the approaching Golden Age of Peace. It supports you in re-kindling the Light of Love that you are. It gives you confidence and courage to allow your Light to shine brightly as you step forward towards the new era of this planet's re-birthing.

Yucca Flower asks that you allow your inner Spirit Self to guide you as it has the ability to help set you free. By feeling and being conscious of the greater Spirit of your Inner Self you are more able to follow the guidance of your personal inner Truth. Yucca Flower essence assists in allowing you to love yourself regardless of what your past experiences have been. It assists in forgiveness of self and letting go of all accumulated guilt and regrets. This will allow you to move forward and flow within the tsunami of Love that is growing and encompassing humanity and this planet. The past is the past, and experiences were just that experiences.

Lifetimes of experiencing human existence within a physical body, through generations of time, have tended to create the need for protecting the self. Human Beings have hidden their inner beauty by placing protective shields around themselves. They have not dared to shine their Light for fear of being persecuted or harmed. This is reflected in the Doctrine of Signatures of the Yucca Flower essence in the way the flowers hang facing downwards and not fully opening to show their beauty within. The large stem that supports the flowers is even further protected by long leaf fronds with very sharp points at their tip. This prevents access to the flowers. These protective measures reflect the protection of you (the flower) and your inner Light, preventing further damage/harm as may have occurred in past life experiences.

The energy of painful experiences from the past, going back many lifetimes, can be found stored within the cellular structure of the body. The time is NOW for the release of pain from past experiences, so that humanity can move forward into the new Golden Age that is now being created. Our Spirit Selves are all part of the ONE Source. As each individual releases, this assists in raising the vibrations for the rest of humanity and that of the planet.

The chains of old belief systems that have been with us for so long are being broken and the veil of separation from our Spirit Selves is thinning. It is time to take back your personal power and allow once again your Inner Light and beauty to shine for all to see. Love is emerging once more on our planet to re-ignite the Spirit and allow the Light of Love to shine ever brighter.

The Yucca Flower essence also asks that you consider having compassion for those who are lost within their humanness, finding it difficult to give or receive love. They are the most in need. Especially those who create chaos and harm are among the lost ones, as they are unable to connect with their inner Spirit Selves. By holding them in your Light we can assist them in awakening and begin changing their deeply ingrained beliefs to be able to find love again.

Yucca Flower essence also has the ability to assist with situations involving the nervous system, eczema, depression, emotional and cellular release, self trust and self worth.

I let go of all past regrets and guilt, setting me free
I allow my Spirit Self to guide me to my inner truth and self-empowerment
I am free to shine my Inner Light for all to see

Balancing; Introspective; Reflective; Lunar * Relates to "new beginnings" * Acknowledging the changing up and down cycles of life * For feeling and understanding via intuition rather than intellectualising * Cleansing negativity from chakras * Enhancing feminine aspects of one's nature * Arousing tenderness within the self * Providing connection between physical, emotional and intellectual bodies * Enhancing assimilation of nutrients to assist in elimination of toxins and treat disorders of digestive and elimination systems

Symbolic of purity of spirituality and the development of complete understanding and communion with the source of all being * Connection with one's inner beauty * Eases trauma associated with learning * Assists one to activate, to mobilise and actualise the intrinsic potential of self * Balances energy fields and assists in elimination of ego conflicts and feelings of futility * Eases overburden of responsibility and combats feelings of depression and inferiority * Activates third-eye and crown chakras

Ellen U.S.A
July, 2019. I wanted to let you know how very powerful your essences are. Several things have happened that have made me a "true believer" in your work.

I had been taking the Yucca Flower essence (and using the Equanimity spray) for a few weeks as I had been wondering about what my "higher life purpose" is - the purpose for which I had ordered the Yucca Flower essence.

Last night, I received some very surprising news, being that two of my mentors who are retiring - and were my first instructors in craniosacral therapy - have decided to refer all their cranial patients to me when they close their practice. This is huge. I had already been realigning my practice to do more cranial and less massage, and so, combined with the Yucca Flower essence, I believe that this client referral is really the universe saying that I can do this incredible work that I love, that I am good at it, and this is a way I can shine my light in the world.

Many blessings to you. You truly have a gift for creating healing methods. I am incredibly grateful that I was drawn/led to find your work.

WOW!! Before I went to bed last night I took some Yucca Flower essence and I slept 12 hours straight from 9pm-9am! I do feel different - much lighter/finer vibration. When I think of the things that had been bothering me there was no more resistance or holding on to, so to speak. It's as if the energy is flowing more.

The Yucca Flower essence feels as though it's strongly connected with the incoming planetary energies, being a higher vibration than Love as we know it, but is the energy that's coming in now.

When I re-read all that you had written about Yucca, it's as though the essence helps prepare the way for this greater capacity for a higher love/peace/compassion vibration etc. It works in tandem with it.

Day 2 - It's hard to put into words things that are so beyond words. It is such a special essence being so in alignment with the messages from the Masters. Thank you for bringing it through for everyone!!! I'm so excited how it is working so thoroughly and powerfully on so many levels. Not only have my thoughts/mental body really cleared up but so too the emotional body, right down into the physical. It seems to be releasing/clearing/resetting...just wonderful to work with it and see it unfold.