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Proteaceae Telopea speciosissima

This essence was prepared with a Bloodstone crystal

Survival skills
Calming during crisis and despair

I was guided to go to this area in early Spring when most Waratahs were still sleeping. My husband and I tramped and climbed over rough terrain and scrub to find the three Waratahs that I'd been shown. I was about to give up when... there they were! All standing strong and tall in a small clearing surrounded by large rocks, near the top of a hill. What a beautiful sight - and a relief! (Solara)

The Waratah essence is for people who are going through very difficult times. These people are often in crisis, feeling desperate or even suicidal. It is a very powerful remedy and tends to be fast acting, often kicking in after the first few doses. Waratah essence has a calming effect that allows a person to step back from their situation to breathe a little easier whilst gaining clarity.

The doctrine of signatures of the Waratah is reflected in the strength and resilience of the whole plant including the flower. The offering of support and strength are reflected in how the flower appears to be supported by the “hand” of red bracts, and as well as being held within another circle of strong, leathery leaves. The colour red also signifies strength, endurance and vitality for survival.

The healing qualities that this essence offers can be seen in its ability to help you retrieve your inner survival skills. Whether you remember past survival experiences or not, you always have the ability to access your survival skills that are your birthright and can be accessed from within. This essence gives the courage and confidence to continue on where before you may have felt ready to give up. As an additional point of hope, it is important to remember that we are never given more to experience in life than we are able to deal with.

The doctrine of signatures also relates to the Waratah’s root systems which are proteoid in nature; i.e. they form tight clusters in places of enhanced nutrient or water uptake. These clusters are found to be most abundant around the plant itself but can extend for great distances. The relationship to these far reaching root systems is therefore reflected in how your inner survival support system can be brought to the fore, reaching far back through your family lineage and personal life experiences; to where courage, strength and endurance were best put to the test. You always carry these with you; you just need to reach out (i.e. within) to retrieve them and the Waratah essence can assist you in doing so.

This beautiful flower is the floral emblem of N.S.W., and the name Waratah means “red flowering tree”. It is a member of the proteaceae family, and its botanical names are taken from Australian aboriginal names. Telopea means “seen from afar” and speciosissima means “most beautiful”, which indeed it is. Although it often sparsely populates certain areas within the Australian bush, it can indeed be seen from afar for a number of reasons. The large red flowers do stand out amongst the green of the bush, and the shrub stands tall, strong and erect with long, leathery leaves.

I have courage and resilience in all situations
I trust my ability to deal with the challenges in my life

A "stone of courage" * Revitalises love, relationships and friendships * Centering and grounding the heart * Living in the Now * Balances physical, mental and emotional bodies * Balances the base, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras * Balances the Spleen