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Sweet Violet
VIOLA odorata

This essence was prepared with an Amethyst crystal

Peace and serenity
Upliftment and joyfulness
Spiritual expansion

I am joyful and uplifting, imparting the joy of living. Like sparkling bubbles I joyously tickle the body and mind. (The flower speaks)

As an essence the Sweet Violet offers beautiful gifts to humanity. It is an essence of the heart associated with the Divine Mother energies. The perfume of the flowers themselves exude an energy of peace and serenity and this property is to be found within the flower essence also. This tiny flower has much to offer in the expansion of your horizons.

The Sweet Violet essence is uplifting and imparts feelings of joyfulness that can be experienced as lightness - as if sparkling bubbles of light gently lift you off the ground, yet at the same time grounding and aligning your bodies and energy centres. These energies may be experienced as if you are soaring to greater heights of vibration that go beyond the illusion of life as seen through the eyes of most people.

When taking this essence the crown chakra is imbued with the violet coloured light (the same as that of the flower and the Amethyst crystal) that pours forth to fill all the energy centres of the body. With this there is a spiritual upliftment offering new perspectives and visions within a person's life and the world surrounding them. It will assist with lifting the "clouds of illusion" (of this physical existence) allowing the Light to shine through with guidance and clarity to step forward on your journey. This is accompanied by a better sense of knowingness of who you are in the world both as a spiritual and a physical being.

The winds of change occurring throughout the universe at this time bring many changes overall. The Sweet Violet essence will assist in meeting these changes with more ease and grace. It opens the way for developing more passion, love and laughter in all aspects of one's life.

The doctrine of signatures provided with the Sweet Violet are shown in its heart shaped leaves as well as within the flower itself. The violet colour of the flower reflects the colour found within your crown chakra as well as being the colour of the violet flame. This flame is a beautiful etheric tool offered by the Master St. Germaine for humanity's use to purify, cleanse, transmute and release all that is not of the light, as well as protecting against those energies. This essence offers within it these properties as the violet light is taken through the body's energy centres.

These exquisite tiny violet coloured flowers have the most beautiful perfume. The dark green, heart shaped leaves grow rather protectively around the flowers. The plants tend to spread easily and provide a delightful groundcover in a sun-dappled garden. Within the centre of this flower is the tiniest golden carpel and 7 darker lines fanning out behind it. I see both the number 7 and the gold colour as being of a spiritual nature and the lines as a reflection of expansion. I see also a reflection of expansion and growth extending outwards from within the self in the way the plants expand themselves outwards to create new plants in the garden.

I AM peaceful and serene, imparting the joy of living
My heart is expanding with the energies of the Divine Mother

Amethyst Heart
A stone of "spirituality and contentment" * Clears the aura and stabilises and transmutes any dysfunctional energy located within ones body * Facilitates transmutation of lower energies into higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal levels * Can be used to protect against psychic attack * Balances energies of intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies and provides clear connection between the Earth plane and other worlds * Bestows stability, strength, invigoration and inner peace * Assists in the assimilation of new ideas

The energy of the Sweet Violet essence is maternal. It was like a visit from my mother. Not the needy childís kind of mothering, but the adult encouraging ďI have faith in your ability to get through thisĒ. Kind, supportive and re-assuring. I felt assisted as I came out of a period of great change - aided to create the space to breathe and calmly respond when old patterns emerged. There is care in this essence and hope, re-assurance, support, strength and quiet calm LOVE. This essence assists toward resolutions of past patterns and transmutation of old energies to Light and Love with Serenity and Grace.

I found that things were clearer and I was much calmer since Iíve been taking Sweet Violet. Iíve had very busy weeks and Iíve found that although part of me appears to be rushing, the larger part of me is staying on top of things and feels calm and coping well.

The Sweet Violet essence enabled me to remain calm and positive throughout a time when I was experiencing circumstances that would normally be the cause of considerable anxiety and tension. I would highly recommend this essence to anyone wishing to remain emotionally balanced and resilient within challenging times.