Sol-Umbra Cream (TM)

This gentle skin cream contains a unique combination of Flower Essences, including that of the Aloe Vera.
The cream's ingredients are a blend of all-natural ingredients.

Sol-Umbra assists with the prevention and rejuvenation of sun-induced skin problems by drawing out stored ultra-violet damage from past sun exposure.

Due to its natural formulation, MAXIMUM benefits for sun damage are experienced after 2-3 months, although benefits continue to be achieved during this time period.

Australian Dollars

Sol-Umbra Cream $ 22.00

I just wanted to thank you. A week after I ordered your cream I went to the doctors because I had a small dry lump on my bottom lip. The doctor and a cosmetic surgeon both suspected basal cell carcinoma. I am booked in this week to have a biopsy to confirm their findings. I have begun using the skin cream and found within 5 days of using it the basal cell has completely disappeared. I can't wait to see the surgeon, I suspect he won't be able to find it and hope it will be the end of my appointments with him.

I am continuing to use the cream and will be ordering more for myself and my twin. We are red haired freckled people and love the outdoors so we need the protection from the sun. For a long time I have suffered with eczema and cannot use any creams for more than a few days without some reaction but my skin loves the cream you have made.

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