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Alcohol Sensitivity ? Personal Flower essence blends and Essence combinations are now available prepared in a non-alcoholic herbal stabilizer using Red Shiso, which is a member of the mint family. This stabilizer is prepared by Green Hope Farm in the U.S.A. Please let me know if this is your preference when placing your order.

For detailed Flower Essence properties information click on the FLOWER NAME listed below.

Select an essence that appeals to your needs from this list, or choose from our list of physical and emotional symptoms on our Choose by Symptoms page.

Individually ordered flower remedies are supplied as STOCK concentrates which require only a minimal dosage of 3 dops twice a day.

You might find one of our Essence Combination selections will suit your needs.

OR allow me to choose a Personal Combination of essences for you. By tuning into your Higher Self I can select an essence blend that would best assist you through your challenges.

You may prefer to choose a selection yourself for a personal combination . You can email these to me (less than 5 is best), then select the usual payment procedure under 'Request Personal Essence'.

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(7 drops under the tongue 2-3 times a day)


Albertine Rose
(with Blue Lace Agate & Rose Quartz crystals)
Opening the heart to understanding & acceptance of unconditional love

Aloe Vera
(with Clear Quartz crystal)
Healing imbalances from the past on a cellular level; Healing wounds & skin conditions; Balancing stomach conditions; Leaky Bowel symptoms

(with Clear Quartz crystal)
Eases seasonal transitions & inner turmoil; Alleviates cancerous tumours & relieves gall bladder stones; Strengthens pancreas & adjusts sugar imbalances

Ascension Rose
(with Moonstone crystal)
Embracing the perfection of YOU; Re-kindling the joy of life

Bearded Iris
(with Blue Agate & Clear Quartz crystals)
Attunement to Higher Self & teachers

Black-eyed Susan
(with Tourmaline crystal)
Slowing down; Calming scattered energies; Patience and tolerance

Blue Water Lily
(with Acquamarine crystal)
Awakening to sacredness within self & all life forms; Calms the mind & emotions; Strength & clarity when around tumultuous emotions

(with Clear Quartz crystal)
Calming repetitive thoughts; Ending relationships amiably; Herpes virus healing

(with Rose Quartz Egg crystal)
For Women – Endometriosis symptoms & related infertility; Choices relating to society’s expectations regarding bearing of children

Bush Iris
(with Royal Blue Tourmaline crystal)
Spiritual insights; Understanding beyond the material/physical world; Meditation

Releasing karmic irritations and wounds; Healing relationships; Clarity in decision-making

(with Lapis Lazuli crystal)
Unlocking & releasing cellular memories; Serenity; Acceptance of self; Merging with your Divine essence

Christmas Bush
(with Fluorite crystal)
Embracing the birthing of your inner Divine consciousness; Connecting with the passion of your inner gifts and talents

Cooktown Orchid
(with Amethyst & Snow Quartz crystals)
Eases planetary & personal transitions; Softens brash attitudes & fixed ideas; Engenders gentle, loving masculine energies

Crepe Myrtle
(with Smokey Quartz crystal)
Balancing inner masculine & feminine; Strength, courage & joyful ONEness; Creativity & urge to move forward in life

Crested Iris
(with Blue Lace Agate crystal)
Easing through life's challenges; Acceptance; Creating from inner wisdom; Trusting Self

(with Rose Quartz Egg crystal)
Creates calm clear-headedness; Joyful upliftment & freedom to change; Feminine energies; Clearing Endometriosis symptoms

Cymbidium Orchid
(with Blue Lace Agate crystal)
"Awakening"; Connecting with the Divine Truth, Love & Wisdom of your inner GODness

Dagger Hakea
(with Turquoise crystal)
Letting go of anger and resentments; Freedom of Expression; Forgiveness

(with Clear Quartz crystal)
Release of Pain and suffering at soul level; Inner Peace & Love for all

English Rose
(with Bloodstone crystal)
Feeling nurtured & loved so as to allow grieving; Offers hope, serenity & peace; Eases seasons changes; Eases Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Evening Primrose
(with Carnelian crystal)
Balance in giving & receiving Love; Balance of hormones in menopause

Clarity to move on & leave past behind; Acknowledgment of God energy in Self & all beings

Flannel Flower
(with Malachite crystal)
Confidence in being touched; Open expression of personal needs & feelings; Safe boundaries for gentleness & sensuality

(with Lapis Lazuli crystal)
Embracing the wisdom of the inner self; Defining the nature of your inner power

(with Clear Quartz crystal)
Confidence in choosing new goals and directions; Balances head & heart decision-making

Fringed Violet
(with Amethyst crystal)
Psychic protection; Aura repair; Re-alignment from past & present shock & trauma

Sorting through the web of relationship ties and patterns

Releasing fear, anger & paranoia; Cleansing system of parasites; Lyme disease

(with Clear Quartz crystal)
Releasing the limitations of old thoughts & belief patterns; Renewed sense of inner peace

Geraldton Wax
(with Bloodstone crystal)
For those who feel disassociated with life & love; Creating safe boundaries to give & receive love; Eases sensitivity & brings balance to mind & emotions

Giant Garlic
(with Tigers Eye crystal)
Low Vitality and Immune system; Stress; Skin Conditions; Leaky Gut

Gloriosa Lily
Emerging from grief for a loved one or part of inner self; New beginnings

(with Rose Quartz crystal)
Joy and playfulness; Tranquility and balance; Courage, strength and perseverance; Embracing your inner beauty and magnificence

Gymea Lily
(with Clear Quartz crystal)
Reaching your goals and aspirations; Trusting your own uniqueness

Flexibility; Acceptance of intuitive guidance

(with Clear Quartz crystal)
Moving beyond pain & suffering of physicality to feel joy & inner peace; knowledge & vision; Goddess energy; Healthy sex hormones

Indian Coral Tree
(with Smokey Quartz crystal)
Stepping aside from turmoil & challenges with clarity; Healing 'bruised' relationships; Trusting personal judgement

(with Fluorite crystal)
Improves poor memory; Retrieval of forgotten skills; Learning from past experiences

(with Blue Lace Agate crystal)
Completion of projects; Decisiveness; Focus and concentration

Japanese Anemone
(with Rose Quartz crystal)
Connecting with your Divine Soul Essence; ONEness with All That Is

Regulation of bronchial & nasal mucous; Balancing the digestive tract; Protein absorption; Unloading past burdens to live in the Now

Jasper Crystal Essence
(with Jasper, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Crystals) NEW Joy of life; Self-nurturing; Liberation

Large Tongue Orchid
(with Tigers Eye crystal)
Recognition of inner reality as truth

(with Moonstone crystal)
Cushioning life's bumps & blows; Calm and Peace

Little Flannel Flower
(with Gold)
Addressing the child within; Playfulness; Carefree

Lotus Flower
(with Moonstone crystal)
Alignment all of chakras; Toxicity release; Tissue regeneration; Emotional release on a cellular level

(with Rose Quartz and Amethyst Heart crystals)
Accessing your Divine Knowledge and Wisdom; Clearing and Purifying; Grounding

Mountain Devil
(with Malachite crystal)
Freedom from your hidden emotions; Trusting your intuitive instincts

(with Citrine crystal)
Tonic for lower body organs; Energising sluggish & tired body Hope after major loss or life changes;

(with Green Tourmaline crystal)
Acknowledging inner courage & strength; Supporting others whilst remaining detached

Old Man Banksia
(with Turquoise crystal)
Renewed enthusiasm & interest in life after feeling sluggish & low in energy

Onion Weed
Forgiveness of self; Acknowledgment of your inner beauty; Calming the stomach & Digestive system

(with Red-brown Carnelian crystal)
Cleansing past negative thoughts, words & actions; Reaching higher states of awareness; Re-alignment of central energy system

Paw Paw
(with Clear Quartz crystal)
Activates your connection with Higher Self; strengthens intuition; Resolves feelings of overwhelm; Integration of new information & ideas - great for students

Peace Lily
(with Moonstone crystal)
Healing wounds of the heart; Expansion of Love-Light; Creating peace within and without

Purple Butterfly Orchid
Remembering Spiritual connections; Dissolving karmic energy blocks & irritations.

Rainbow Hibiscus
(with Rainbow crystal ball)
Emotional Release; Peace & harmony on a cellular and soul level.

Red Flowering Gum
(with Royal blue Tourmaline crystal)
Remaining centred & focussed without distraction

Red Hot Poker
(with Clear Quartz crystal)
Awakening to the knowledge of your true self & Higher Teachings

Rock Lily Orchid
(with Malachite crystal)
Clearing, balancing & aligning the physical energy centres; Integrating our 5th dimensional Soul Spirit chakras

She Oak
(with Carnelian crystal)
Reproduction difficulties; Mood swings & menopause symptoms; Parenting confidence

She Oak (male flower)
Balance of masculine and feminine within; Courage & self-worth; Hormonal balancing in men.

Sweet Violet
(with Amethyst crystal)
Peace and serenity; Upliftment and joyfulness; Spiritual expansion

Tiger Lily
(with Clear Quartz crystal)
Self-protection boundaries; Acceptance of new ideas & concepts; Emotional release

(with Blood Stone crystal)
Survival Skills; Calming during crisis and despair

Weeping Bottlebrush
(with Blue Lace Agate crystal)
Strengthens kidey assimilation and elmination; Muscle & nerve relaxation; Letting go life's fears & struggles

White Angel Orchid
Liberation & generosity through clarity around fear of lack & related suspiciousness

Yucca Flower
(with Gold and Moonstone Gemstones)
Self-empowerment & Upliftment; Freedom to shine your Inner Light & Beauty; Self Forgiveness; Letting go of past regrets & guilt

(with Clear & Smokey Quartz crystals)
Accessing the essence of your soul. Renewal of ideas and energies & 'clearing the slate' of old ones.

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