Practitioner Supplies

Flower Essences are excellent in supporting a client's well-being alongside other complimentary health practises such as kinesiology, spiritual healing and massage therapies.

Presenting our elegant timber boxes, holding 36 x 15ml essences in each.

Boxes can also be purchased empty (without any labels) NOW available at our wholesale price of only $35
(plus shipping).
The dimensions of the boxes are 29.5cm x 14cm x 10cm high.

The design of our essence kits is practical and ideal for practitioner use as well as for use in the home or workplace. The boxes are strong and therefore provide ease and safety for travelling purposes.

as the essences are included at wholesale prices.

Our fabulous variety of individual and combination blends assist many aspects of emotional, mental and spiritual challenges - all of which may impact on the physical body. All stock strength essences can be purchased individually as well as in kits.

Choose your own selection when purchasing the smaller kit of 36.

To view individual essence information - Remedy Directory

We have a selection of 23 Essence Combinations

all prices in australian $
15ml bottles unless otherwise stated
(prices do not include p&h)
Practitioner kits (including timber boxes)
kit of 36
kit of 70
kit of 25 Australian natives

$ 359.00
$ 700.00
$ 269.00
Chakra essences

Dose essence combinations

Stock essence combinations

Childbearing blend (25ml stock)

Personal combination blend

Single stock essences
$ 20.00

$ 20.00

$ 22.00

$ 25.00

$ 25.00

$ 18.00

Flower essences are available in two strengths. A stock is a concentrated solution whereas a dose is diluted from the stock. All individual remedies and kits sold on this site are stock concentrates. Some of the combination essences are dose strengths.

Stocks have a shelf life of approximately 4-5 years or more, whereas doses approximately 4-6 weeks. Essences are best stored in a cool, dark place.

Caring for your Whole Being
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