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This essence was prepared with a Red-Brown Carnelian Crystal

Cleansing past negative thoughts, words and actions
Reaching higher states of awareness
Re-alignment of your central energy system

Thoughts, words and actions are a combination that forms the human experience. All of these impact on the physical biology, the reactions of which are recorded within the whole Being, including the etheric bodies.

The Papaver Essence has the ability to shift influences of past thoughts, words and actions recorded within our cellular structure.

It assists in a cleansing process allowing the body to begin to let go of emotional burdens of the past.

This essence has a strong influence on the pituitary gland, and in so doing it allows you to be more open to the higher aspects of yourself. Guidance can become clearer and more direct, allowing choices to be made with more clarity and ease.

Many individuals are becoming ready to move forward into a higher attunement of living, leaving the mundane and denser vibrations of action/reaction behind. The Papaver Essence brings a more gentle ebb and flow to the quality of living as much of these dross energies carried within the physical biology are discarded and left behind.

In its raw form opium extracted from the poppy flower could cause one to become out of control when they are not ready to experience higher states of awareness. In the form of an essence however, the Papaver is gentle and will adjust to an individualís capabilities only and not beyond. This Essence is very much of an ethereal nature.

On taking this essence you may be able to see with your inner eye, an alignment of the central energy system of your physical biology taking place. This may be seen as a shaft of light from at the Earth Star chakra below the feet, up through the main central chakra system, and further up through the five upper chakras above the body.

I re-align my central energy system to connect with the Source of all creation

Red-Brown Carnelian
Carnelian Promotes the awareness of the association between the emotional state and the inner condition of the self * The message of Carnelian is that since one IS love, there is nothing to do but to offer love - each offering of love being returned exponentially increased.