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Ochina serrulata

This essence was prepared with a Green Tourmaline crystal

Acknowledging inner courage and strength
Supporting others whilst remaining detached

The Ochna is a hardy shrub with its trunk and branches looking rather hardened and worn. As if to compensate for this hardened exterior it shows several displays of beauty. The six petalled buttercup-like flowers are a brilliant yellow colour with a golden yellow centre. When the flowers fall they leave the sepals to turn a vivid scarlet. Within these appear five bright green berries, which then turn to a shiny black. The contrast of the red and black are spectacular.

This essence is to give you courage and strength to remind you of your TRUE SELF in times of great turmoil or hardship. This includes keeping hold of your connection to your inner Spirit even though you might be feeling quite worn, hardened and damaged by life's journey.

It also assists with re-evaluating how you see your life into a positive acknowledgement of the strength,courage and wisdom you have gained in your life's experiences, rather than through the losses and damages you may have suffered.

The Ochna essence offers to support you with being compassionate in assisting others during their trials and hardships, whilst at the same time remembering always to maintain and acknowledge your own true self and inner beauty. I see the doctrine of signatures of the red hooded seed pods as representing the heart with seeds of unconditional love preparing to burst forth new life experiences in times to come.

It is important to remember that change is a certainty in life and therefore times of hardship WILL pass.

I honour my inner beauty and go forth with courage and strength
I am empowered to share my strength and wisdom in supporting others whilst maintaining my own true self

Green Tourmaline
Opens the heart chakra, and attunement between 3rd eye and heart * Compassion * Transforms inner negative energy to positive * Inspires creativity and acts to attract success, prosperity and abundance * Attracts inspiration * Diminishes fear by promoting understanding and encourages self-confidence * Balances male/female energies of the body - and of the mind, energy centres and auric bodies - inducing alignment of mental processes and of the chakras * Helps release concepts of being a victim * Helps maintain fortitude and laughter