Meet Solara

My awakening spiritual journey began in 1988 by attending a Jungian dream interpreting group. It was during this time that my dreams showed my soul's purpose to become a healer using an ancient form of healing, and also that I would be working and communicating with flowers. The outcome of these dreams was not apparent to me until later on in my life's journey.

My healing education and teachings continued during my association with a Spiritual Centre and meditation group in Leura, in the City of the Blue Mountains, N.S.W., Australia. Here I was blessed with the presence of several teachers and mentors, guidance being brought through from Spiritual Masters from the Brotherhoods of Light.

I was introduced to Flower Essences in 1992, and began learning about their healing abilities whilst working in a therapeutic healing centre for abused children in Katoomba. I have continued to learn about and collect essences from a wide variety of flowers, and these collectively have become the "Nature's Flowers of Life ®" range of essences. Many of these essences were created on Aboriginal Sacred Sites in the Blue Mountains.

The name "Nature's Flowers of Life ®" was chosen to be in partnership with the "Flower of Life" sacred geometry which appears as a series of circles that overlap oneanother to create flower-like petals. These geometric forms are to be found in all forms of life, and are infused into all of these essences.

My work with the essences is supported with voice toning which I was guided to begin using in the early stages of my healing practice, before the essences became a major part of it. This toning was very basic in those early stages but has developed more deeply and powerfully over the years.

I am a channel for bringing through toning and singing sounds from the Highest dimensions of Love. These vibrational tones are both healing and empowering being uniquely designed for your spiritual, emotional and physical expansion according to your Soul's purpose. They have the potential to clear the way for you to create something new in your life and connect with your life purpose.

Gemstones are intuitively included within the preparation process of this range of essences to to enhance and magnify their energies and healing properties. I also tone healing sounds during the preparation of the essences to help both raise the vibrations and tune into the plant devas.

I now practise Vibrational Therapies, channelling energies to assist in the transformation & rejuvenation of people's lives and health - assisted by Spiritual Masters. I also work with the healing of the Earth.

Caring for your Whole Being
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