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Little Flannel Flower
Actinotus minor

This essence was prepared with a Gold crystal

Addressing the child within

I represent the inner child reaching out to you. Laugh with me, run with me and joyfully play with me (The flower speaks)

The Little Flannel Flower is usually known as the Lesser Flanner Flower being a miniature version of the larger Flannel Flower. It is a spreading perennial shrub, with fine, wiry stems reaching up to approximately 40-50 cm in length. The flowers are white with the outer part being male and the inner part being bisexual.

This essence lightens the spirit within, offering remembrance of joyful playfulness of the inner child. As we are growing up life tends to become more and more serious. Our children of today have restrictions, rules and pressures put on them to perform in certain ways; like keeping up or doing better than others.

As adults life is about performing in the workplace, in the home and even when socialising. This is due mainly to societyís expectations and often unspoken doís and doníts.

Our world news shows serious occurrences that we are constantly being bombarded with on our T.V.ís and in many of our movies. Our children are exposed to much of this as well.

Within each of us lies a Divine spark of playfulness just waiting to be ignited allowing us to once again express and feel carefree laughter and joy. This essence is a gift to awaken this spark within, as well as re-connecting with our intuition and inner guidance.

It is well-known that laughter is a powerful medicine, so tapping into the joy of life on a regular basis will no doubt release much pent-up stress, and therefore aid in the healing of some of those stress related physical problems such as muscular tension, headaches and insomnia. Long-term continued stresses can lead to much more serious illnesses as well.

I am joyful and carefree, allowing my inner child to guide me

Symbolic of purity of spirituality and the development of complete understanding and communion with the source of all being * Connection with one's inner beauty * Eases trauma associated with learning * Assists one to activate, to mobilise and actualise the intrinsic potential of self * Balances energy fields and assists in elimination of ego conflicts and feelings of futility * Eases overburden of responsibility and combats feelings of depression and inferiority * Activates third-eye and crown chakras