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Ceremonies of All Kinds - Design your own ceremony with Angela's loving guidance
- Weddings; Baby Naming/Blessing; Ceremony of Release; Ordinations; Vows of Commitment; Renewal of Vows; Funeral Services; Consciousness Shift Empowerment; Prosperity Ceremony etc.

The Sleep Help Institute - Sleep resources for people with cancer and other sleep disorders.

Sound therapies for mesothelioma patients. Sound therapy is a way of using sound, music, and energy to promote healing.

Mesothelioma and wellness. Wellness is a state of health and encompasses emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. There are many complimentary alternative practices and medical treatments that can get you there.

Mesothelioma and depression. Much of a patient’s anxiety and depression can be attributed to concerns about the illness itself, their symptoms, their concerns about their loved ones, and their overall belief about life’s meanings and death.

Assisting with supporting the wellness of mesothelioma patients.

Distribution & facilitating of New Age products & services - particularly in Australia Created by Joanne Thompson.

Free directory of complementary medicine - Acupressure to Zen. Worldwide connections to many different forms of medicine and healing.

Channelled cosmic lectures & meditations to transform your consciouscness by various Ascended Masters & Beings of Light gently guiding you on your life-path.

A Library of channelled lectures & meditations to transform your consciousness. Guidance by various Ascended Masters & Beings of Light.

Free Past Life Regression Course - 30 Days to Past Life Memories is now available free of charge. Also Past Life Regression CD and download offer.

With 40+ years experience Sabra Jenny offers readings to help you know which lessons you came here to learn, which abilities you are here to acquire or express, and more. These readings give you inspiration, peace of mind and more awareness.

Australian Reiki and Seichim Masters - Over 25 years experience in healing. Reiki and Seichim attunements throughout Australia at very reasonable prices.

Karma Coach Nikki Wyatt, offers Gaia Healing with flower and crystal essences. Receive a free soul flower reading with her uplifting Enewsletter. Phone consultations and personal essence attunements available. Based in Brighton, UK..

Visit the Abbotts for Free lessons, E-books, Channellings and the latest
information on the New Age.

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