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Gymea Lily
Doryanthes excelsa

This essence was prepared with a Clear Quartz crystal

Reaching your goals and aspirations
Trusting your own uniqueness

I speak the truth of who I am. Nothing remains hidden as I reach for the heavens yet I understand that the real truth and honour of “I” lies not in the heavens but deep within my inner self. (The flower speaks)

This is an Australian native also known as Flame lily or Spear Lily, the Gymea Lily's botanical name Doryanthes means “spear-flower” and excelsa means “exceptionally high”, both referring to the tall flower stem.

A tussock of bright green leaves grows up to 2.5 meters long and 10cm wide. These leaves are sword-shaped and leathery; the centre from which a single flower spike grows. This spike can grow up to 5 meters high, on top of which a giant cluster of flowers forms, sometimes growing approximately 70cm in diameter. The bright red individual flowers within the cluster are trumpet-shaped and can grow to approximately 16cm long.

Apparently the Aboriginal people used to the roast roots to make into a kind of cake, and the flower spikes when very young were roasted and eaten. The leaves contain fibres which have been know to be used for brush making and matting (Maiden 1889).

The Gymea Lily essence is for those who have far reaching goals and aspirations. The energy of the powerful large stem and flower within this essence assists them with their commitment to follow through. Rather than taking one step at a time these people often attempt to create faster and reach higher than they are able to. This essence will assist them in taking their energy back to within themselves, thus allowing them to temper their journey more gently.

People who would benefit from this essence may often be swayed from their goals and aspirations by others trying to discourage them, or trying to tell them how they should or should not do things. The Gymea Lily essence is for commitment to stay true to yourself, and not be swayed by other people. It assists in reminding you of your own capabilities and not comparing yourself to others; for you are unique unto yourself as is each person. In allowing yourself to stand tall in your own right you may find that you do not need to follow what society expects of you, but rather be directed by uniquely inspired creations that may come to light. This is a reflection of your own uniqueness.

This essence helps you believe in, and stay centred and committed to your own uniqueness.

The doctrine of signatures of this lily lies partly in the single tall, strong stem with the flower head aiming high; this being a reflection of you standing in strength towards your aims to achieve and fulfil your goals and aspirations. The many long leaves reflect the many choices in direction available to you, and support you in your commitment to your goals. Red is the colour of vitality and strength. The head of trumpet-shaped red flowers attracts many nectar feeding birds and I see this aspect as being a reflection of your announcement and sharing of your creations once they have reached fruition.

I believe in and stay committed to my own uniqueness in creating
I hold my focus on my goals and aspirations

Clear Quartz
Emotional balancer * Stimulates brain functions and amplifies thought forms * Receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy * Enhances inter-dimensional communication and communication with Higher Self and Spirit Guides.