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Jasminoides florida

This essence was prepared with a Malachite Crystal

Sorting through the webs of relationship ties and patterns
Releasing pain and suffering from deep within

The Gardenia essence assists with sorting through your perceptions, views or patterns that may have been taken on board from past relationships, offering opportunities to choose those you wish to leave behind.

When you look closely at the Gardenia flower's beauty, you might like to see it as being a reflection of the inner beauty of your Soul blossoming in nature. Both you and the flower hold Divinity within and both are a reflection of the Creator. Nature surrounds us with beauty visually and energetically, and being within the essence of nature can help bring calm and balance.

The Gardenia flower essence has the ability to assist with reaching deep within the spirit of you. Old issues from times gone by may be lifted from deep within to be transcended, transmuted and sent forth to the light.

The fragrance of the Gardenia flower can sometimes be overpowering, as can the influence of family members and associated patterns which bind together relationships; be they with siblings, parents, spouses, close friends or relations. We often choose to come into incarnation with these people to complete "unfinished business" from previous lifetime experiences and to learn from similar experiences in this incarnation.

Gardenia essence supports and assists with clarifying irritations or painful situations and associated emotions that may have surfaced recently. In choosing to release these emotions with love and forgiveness you are choosing freedom by detachment from similar situations arising again.

It is important also to ask forgiveness for your own part in these experiences; and to forgive yourself as well. This can all be done on an inner level and does not necessarily need to be a face-to-face process. Situations involving people who have already left incarnation can also be dealt with in this way.

Let love be the answer to your prayers and within relationships regardless of the outcome of particular past situations. In allowing feelings of blame, resentment or anger to dissipate, underlying sadness will most likely rise to the surface to be released and forgiven.

This essence has the wonderful ability to awaken a deep compassion within you, and clarity to see joyful patterns within relationships - those which make your heart sing.

I am now free from family ties and patterns which no longer serve me.
I release all past pain and suffering from deep within
My heart sings with joyful compassion and love for ... a family member, friend, group - or for humanity

A "stone of transformation" assisting one to change situations * Assists in clearing and activating all chakras, but especially stimulating the heart and throat chakras * Clarifying emotions and for recognition and release of negative unconscious experiences * Enhances intuition and insight