Fibromyalgia Essence
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Fibromyalgia symptoms
Confronting and releasing deep-seated emotional issues
Chronic Fatigue symptoms Physical health depends greatly on the energy generated by our thoughts and feelings, and to heal the body we first must heal the deep-seated feelings that cause the disturbances. Our external pains and difficulties are always mirrors of inner pain and fears. Flower Essence Remedies offer a gentle and natural way of balancing and transforming these energies.

Your emotional history plays a major role in your health so it is important for you to get to the core of your vulnerability, exploring your emotions and fears. Our societies are constantly being fed fear-based information particularly through the media. There are such fears as cancer or other chronic dis-eases; fear of being robbed or mugged, etc. There are also expectations that can create fear of failure or of not being good enough; fear of not being liked, accepted or loved. And the list goes on.

Throughout your life you absorb many of these fears which become embedded within your belief system and cellular body. Beliefs mainly originate from your present life experiences, but they are also be passed down through our ancesters and from past life experiences. It is beneficial for everyone to be open to new ideas, dreams, possibilities and insights, and to let go of the old complexes, neuroses and shadows.

Fibromyalgia (FM or FMS) is characterised by chronic widespread pain within the body that is possibly a physical response to stress. It has been determined that there are physiological differences in how people with these symptoms process pain within their brain as compared with those of other people. It is thought that fibromyalgia may begin in the deep tissues of the muscles and joints with persistent tightening of muscles which often leads to poor sleep. When there is a lack of sleep the muscles don't recover which then can lead to continuous back and forth signalling between the muscles and the central nervous system.

Hormone imbalances may also play a part in these symptoms and the Hypothalamus is the Master Gland that controls our hormones. The Pituitary Gland also plays an important part in governing our hormonal system, and an imbalance in one of these areas could easily affect the others.

THE ESSENCE: I was inspired to create this selection of flower essences to get you started on your journey back to health. As no one person's history is the same as another's, each will need to follow their path back to health in their own way. The healing process these essences offer is to take you on a journey reaching to the core of your vulnerability, emotions and fears so they can be brought to the surface and released.

As this process can be deep-reaching initially you may begin to feel overwhelmed, in which case it would be advisable to take the essences on alternate days during the first week. Flower essences are self-adjusting to what you are ready to deal with, although at times it may be advisable for you to seek support from others when needed.

After taking the first course of the Fibromyalgia Essence blend, further essences and / or other ongoing means of working through these challenges would therefore be supportive and beneficial such as detoxing and regular exercise to keep as fit as possible. Such activities as Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gong are excellent forms of gentle exercising whilst at the same time offering a meditative form of movement for the body and mind to assist in creating balance and relaxation. Acupuncture could also be useful to help the body relax and release tension.

This information may also be relevant for working through Chronic Fatigue symptoms which are often similar in nature to fibromyalgia.

This blend of flower essences offers the neurological system support in various ways and will help to start setting the body's hormonal system back into alignment. The inclusion of Fringed Violet offers aura repair and re-alignment from past and present shock or trauma that may have created separation between the body and aura. Fringed Violet helps take the shock factor out of the body during times of stress.

Gardenia has been included to assist in sorting through webs of relationship ties and patterns that may have been taken on board, and offers opportunities to choose which of those patterns and beliefs you wish to leave behind. Gardenia assists with clarifying emotions associated with irritations or painful situations.

Chilli essence assists with unlocking symptoms that may have been locked within the body's cells and tissues from past experiences. If not unlocked, depletion of the body's energy field may occur and alter its chemistry. This essence also assists with self acceptance, strength of mind, clarity and serenity.

Lotus Flower helps with the alignment of all the chakras and awakens the cells within the body tissues, aiding in the release of stored energies from past experiences. It assists with emotional release on a cellular level which possibly plays an integral part in triggering fibromyalgia symptoms. It helps eliminate toxins from the body by bringing them to the surface to be expelled and it aids in tissue regeneration. Lotus Flower essence opens the heart and crown chakras and has a soft, gentle energy that allows you to see the beauty and softness within yourself, as well as in others.

Magnolia essence is for opening the heart and raising your vibrational resonance whilst clearing and purifying your cellular system and bringing balance, harmony and peace within.

NOTE: See your doctor or health care professional for further support where needed. These essences safely remain supportive alongside other medications.

I release all energies held within at cellular level that no longer serve my Highest Good
I am fully balanced and aligned in health and energies
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