Equanimity Energy Clearing Spray (TM)

Keep your day flowing smoothly

Equanimity is designed for clearing and balancing your surroundings as well as your aura. It is made with a special selection of Nature's Flowers of Life ® Flower Essence Remedies.

During the flow of our daily lives we are constantly being bombarded by the energies of our surroundings and different situations that we come in contact with. We come in contact with people's many different moods ranging from positive to negative; elated joy to sadness and so forth. As we come into contact with these different energies, our own moods and lives may be effected by them.

Equanimity is ideal for use in the home and workplace to UPLIFT and create BALANCE and HARMONY. It provides CLEARING and PROTECTION when used in situations where there is disagreement, conflict or aggression. Suitable for use within board-rooms for family disputes or similar circumstances. It is for people contact - in all kinds of life situations.

Equanimity creates those same clearing and uplifting qualities when used around your body and aura. It is especially good for use by professionals such as healers, counsellors, doctors and solicitors. When used in between clients you will NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE at the end of your day.

When you are feeling scattered, irritable, or just out of sorts, Equanimity can assist by giving you an energy boost, leaving you feeling uplifted and balanced.

It has the gentle fragrance of Lavender and Rose Water.

Australian Dollars

Equanimity - Energy Clearing Spray - 125ml $ 18.50
Equanimity - 60ml (Ideal for handbag) $ 12.00

Rebecca is 10 years old and suffers from Anxiety which manifests when she has to do something that is new to her or if an event is in a place that she hasn't been to before. When I'm trying to calm her, or she is going to sleep, I spray it in her room and she really loves it, it seems to take her thought process away from what she is worrying aout.

Ellen U.S.A.
I wanted to let you know how very powerful your essences are. I have been using the Equanimity spray (as well as taking the Yucca Flower essence) for a few weeks now, and several things have happened that have made me a "true believer" in your work. Firstly, on using the Equanimity spray, right away my most difficult client decided to move on with another practitioner. Phew!

I recently learned that my youngest son had had a psychotic break and self-harm. The Equanimity spray helped me to stay calm as I drove to the hospital and I was able to calmly face my fears for him, embrace and support him. I will definitely be looking to treat him with the Yucca Flower essence when I bring him back home.

Many blessings to you. You truly have a gift for creating healing methods. I am incredibly grateful that I was drawn/led to find your work.

Caring for your Whole Being
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