Distance Healing

Free distance healing for you, a loved one or your pet : Provide a name/s to be invited into my Healing Temple to receive whatever you/they are ready to receive for the Highest outcome for all.

Full Distance Healing Sessions are also available on request at a cost of Aus$60. For these sessions it is recommended that we try to organise a synchronised time to sit quietly to connect and receive the energies. Distance healing for pets is also possible.

Australian Dollars

Distance Healing $ 60.00

To help facilitate a Full Distance Healing please provide your preferred full name and Date of Birth. If you wish you could also provide a brief description of your needs and intentions. These details assist with facilitating appropriate connections and outcomes with your personal Guidance.

An optional Personal Flower Essence Combination is recommended to support the healing process. This can be ordered at Personal Essence Combination .

Distance healing is a form of energy vibrations being communicated through the Universal Energy Field by means of the power of intent and visualisation. Healing energies in this form are directed through the recipient's Higher Self and is always directed for the Highest outcome for all. As with all forms of healing, it's effectiveness depends upon the recipient's openness to receive the energies.

A number of healers such as Edgar Casey have been well-known in the past for successfully performing healing in this way.

And the day will come
when the risk to remain tight in a bud
will become more painful
than the risk it takes to blossom
(author unknown)

Distance Healing Details:

Robyn B
I will tell you in sequence of the actual healing what happened. Firstly - I saw a very bright yellow ring around my third eye, and kind of going into my crown. Then I started to cry, feeling a grief of a friend who passed many years ago. I whispered to her and asked if she was still near me... then I started to get much movement, churning, in my sacral chakra [this is where all my trauma has been in this life]. It was quite strong and went for some time. After that, I went into a cold state, shivering. That passed and then I think I went to sleep for a time. After the healing I went to do some journaling, and as I picked up my journal, a piece of paper fell out which was a torn out photo of a daisy - a sign that my friend is still with me - her name was Daisy. Thank you again.

I had a headache all day on the day following the healing. In the afternoon and on next day again, I developed severe stomach cramps and had bouts of diarrhoea - I think it is part of my healing.
This is often the way the body releases energies and traumas - Solara

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