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Dagger Hakea
PROTEACEAE Hakea teretifolia

This essence was prepared with a Turquoise crystal

Letting go of anger and resentments
Freedom of Expression

'Allow me to love without needing to prove myself; without needing to protect myself from pain given in return. Allow me to rejoice and to be who I want to be. I wish to flow with the breeze in my own way. Let me be ME.' (The flower speaks)

Sometimes in life we may feel trapped and unable to express or act on our own choices and desires in life. It is as if we are held in bondage due to our feelings of responsibility towards loved ones, peers or employers. These underlying feelings of discontent may begin to grow deep within us and gradually start to bubble up towards the surface of our emotions. We may feel that if we don't soon find a solution then our inner volcano is likely to erupt.

Dagger Hakea flower essence is for people who feel vulnerable. To protect their vulnerability they tend to react in a prickly, snappy manner in an attempt to hide the resentments and anger that keeps bubbling towards the surface. These people may feel that they have been hard done by, often for a long time, and they are finding it difficult to continue in the same manner.

Dagger Hakea grows in bushland areas often on rocky terrain and exposed cliff tops. The creamy-white flowers are shaped in a wispy finger-like fashion and have a beautiful perfume. Teretifolia means cylindrical leaves. The shrubs are usually rather straggly and unkempt in shape and are interlaced with sharp barbs that are protective in nature. These barbs are a give-away for the Doctrine of Signatures of this plant being prickly, sharp prongs protecting the beautiful flowers that lie between them. This reflects a protectiveness of the vulnerable inner beauty which lies within a person.

This essence will assist in allowing some of those protective barriers to be set aside enough to enable expression of some of the feelings without the need to stay hidden behind the protectiveness of the barbs. It is an essence that allows forgiveness to take place so that the healing of relationships can begin., after which choices can be made as to whether relationships should continue or whether the relevant parties should go their separate ways.

Forgiveness has an important role to play in bringing inner peace and equilibrium within ourselves and in our relationships with others. It is also important globally. If all peoples regardless of their religion and race began to forgive themselves and each other for all that has passed between them across the ages, we could then begin to create world peace and acceptance of one another. We are all related to our history no matter where we live. Forgiveness of self has a major role to play in the allowing letting go of guilt as well as resentments and anger, for our part in all situations we have ever experienced.

The power of forgiveness goes far beyond what we are able to realise, allowing healing to occur on many levels. It not only releases bonds from the past, but opens the heart for more compassion and love; love being the most healing energy in existence.

A Forgiveness Process will be provided with the Dagger Hakea Remedy. This process is very beneficial for people wanting to work through and resolve resentment, bitterness, guilt and anger; some of which is held within our unconscious and can have an impact on how we perceive certain situations in life. This process is designed to assist with present-day situations as well as “cleaning the slate” across many lifetimes. Even greater results can be achieved if Dagger Hakea is taken for several days before doing the process and then continued for a few days afterwards.

I am forgiven; I forgive
I am free to be ME and I flow with the breeze

Strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies * For protection * Stimulates intuitive communication with emotional issues and creativity - with love * Spiritual attunement * Healing and cleansing of the energy centres and the physical body * Grounding during meditation and spiritual work * Protection on spiritual levels and astral planes * A healer of the spirit, providing soothing energy to bring peace of mind * Balancing masculine/feminine within