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This essence was prepared with a Rose Quartz egg crystal

Creates calm clear-headedness
Joyful upliftment and the freedom to change
Feminine energies
Clearing endometriosis symptoms

The Cyclamen essence was made at the time of a full moon bringing in Divine feminine energies. It is for calming the mind and allowing this calmness to resonate throughout the body; to be calm and clear-headed. It is a vibrational tonic for upliftment. It is not necessarily only for women as each person has within them both masculine and feminine energies.

Doctrine of Signatures: 5 pink petals flowing backwards from a magenta flower “head” – resembling a person being propelled forwards with hair (petals) flowing behind. The number 5 is for experiencing change and freedom, and pink is the colour representing love. Magenta is the colour of the 10th chakra where the Higher Self resides. One stamen spike at the centre of the flower “head” appears as if its pointing the way forward. This combination of signatures symbolises the loving guidance from your Higher Self to propel you forwards to experience the freedom to change.

A combination with Bougainvillea and Hibiscus essences aids in clearing symptoms of endometriosis and related infertility. It acts on the ovaries to promote a healthy vibration inside the uterus as well as resetting the body's default settings to bring things back to basics and therefore assist with infertility challenges.

Childbearing Blend Essence

This same trio of essences also has the ability to assist you in surrendering to your Divine design to embrace, set free and follow your inner urges.

I relax into embracing my natural feminine rhythms, releasing all emotional blocks

Rose Quartz egg
For spiritual attunement to the energy of love * Enhances self-confidence and creativity * Aids in the development of forgiveness, compassion and love.

I use Cyclamen to help me relax and be able to think clearly. I have been using it for a while now and find that it works; I am less stressed.