Crystal Cleanser

To restore your crystals to their optimum vibrations

Crystal Cleanser Is made with a special selection of
Nature's Flowers of Life ® Flower Essence Remedies

Chosen by the crystal kingdoms themselves

LOVINGLY TREAT your crystals to a Crystal Cleanser bath with uplifting Flower Essence Remedies to help restore them to their natural vibration levels.

By adding just 10 drops of Crystal Cleanser to a bowl of water and bathing your crystals for a minute or two, they will be uplifted to regain their energies. At the same time any dust they may have collected will be washed away and they will emerge shining once again.

Crystals energetically assist us in our clinics, energy work, and daily routines as well as working on a planetary basis. Often crystals absorb negative energies and may become somewhat depleted. Crystals do appreciate being cleansed on a regular basis.

Caution: There are some crystals that should not be placed in water. These crystals could be cleansed by lightly spraying with a preparation of Crystal Cleanser . Order your spare 50 ml cobolt blue atomiser here.

Australian Dollars

Crystal Cleanser $ 22.00
50ml Atomiser $ 5.00
Caring for your Whole Being
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