Colon Cleanse
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Colon Cleanse is for the whole family including pets.

Colon Cleanse is for assisting with cleansing and balancing the body's intestinal constituents. This combination of Essences acts as a tonic for the organs of the lower body, assisting with detoxifying the intestines. It has been known to assist with ridding the system of invasive worms and parasites within the intestines, pancreas or duodenum. It also assists in improving digestion and reducing acidity in the stomach and urine.

There are many people and their pets who suffer from symptoms created by invasive worms and parasites within their bodies. Major components of the body's immune system are located in the lining of the small intestines, and the body can most effectively heal and repair itself when its processes are supported naturally. Colon Cleanse is a combination of Flower Essence Remedies that assist in gently keeping you and your pets free of most worms and parasites.

The Garlic essence within the Colon Cleanse essence helps cleanse parasites that may be embedded within the skin or muscular tissue, therefore easing general inflammations that may be present. It can improve the blood on a cellular level, especially purifying and invigorating the red corpuscles (Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas). As the cleansing action occurs within both the the physical and etheric bodies, the emotions are uplifted as an outcome of this.

Worms can be caught through physical human or animal contact. Parasites can be transferred in many ways, such as through contact with pets; food handlers in restaurants; from undercooked meats; or from eating some seafoods, raw fruits or vegetables that may have parasite eggs embedded in them.

NOTE: If you have symptoms that persist see your doctor or health care professional. These essences safely remain supportive alongside other medications.

For Pets: Our pets are susceptible to various kinds of worms, especially when their diet includes eating raw meats, and it is important that they are protected from these. The two main types of worms that create problems for our cats and dogs are roundworms and tapeworms. Tapeworms can be transmitted by ingesting fleas which eat tapeworm eggs. Tapeworms may also be found in animals that hunt and eat wildlife or rodents.

NOTE: If your pet has symptoms that persist see a vetinary health care professional.

By just adding 3 drops of Colon Cleanse daily to your dog or cat's meat or dry food to keep them clear of parasites, worms, fleas and ticks. It may take a month or two of daily use to build up sufficiently within the body before Colon Cleanse is fully active in repelling fleas and ticks as it is released through the pores of the skin.


After eating some prawns I acquired parasitic-type symptoms within my colon resulting in explosive diarrhoea and excessive flatulence. These symptoms persisted for 9-1/2 months.

During this time I took medications from my GP as well as Chinese herbal medicines; homeopathic, and herbal remedies with no improvements other than some temporary improvements after the herbal blend.

In desperation I consulted Solara who prescribed a 'Colon Cleanse' flower essence requiring taking only a few drops a day. Symptoms immediately began to improve and after three weeks of using 'Colon Cleanse' flower essences I am back to normal – and my vitality is back. I am 78 years old and I am pleased to say that with my restored energy and appetite I’m feeling a lot younger.

My cat recently presented with acute symptoms of vertigo and wobbly legs, and was not herself for the following few days.

However, within a couple of hours of taking Solara’s 'Colon Cleanse' essence she was much more settled and brighter, and within 24 hours she was running around the house, back to her usual exuberant self.

I was extremely impressed with the efficacy of the essences. Solara had cited intestinal worms/parasites to be the culprit which was confirmed by results of blood tests taken by the vet as being toxoplasmosis.

Akasha has since not had a relapse since taking the essences. I have a healthy and thriving cat once again. Thank you.