Childbearing Mix
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Assisting women with pregnancy and infertility
Balancing the body, emotions and reproductive hormones This blend of essences can be taken where there is a desire to fall pregnant and/or when there has been a family history of miscarriage or infertility. Several of the essences in this blend were made with an egg-shaped Rose Quartz crystal, the vibration of which permeates and enhances their purpose with regard to fertility.

Sometimes there may be either unconscious or conscious feelings of guilt around choosing whether or not to bear children - or in being unable to do so. These choices are often made before coming into incarnation. The Bougainvillea essence within this blend targets endometriosis symptoms which may be due to an inability to accept these choices and relax into letting go any resistances.

The inclusion of Hibiscus within this combination essence will help reset the body's default settings and bring things back to basics. The Hibiscus essence holds the essence of the Goddess energy and will assist in the healthy creation of reproductive hormones. With today's busy lifestyles and pursuits there may be a draining or lack of energy created within the base chakra that stresses basic sexual instincts. The Cyclamen's energies are for calming the mind and allowing this calmness to resonate throughout the body to be calm and clear-headed.

The She Oak essence included in this blend has the ability to balance the body and emotions with regard to reproductive hormones.

I relax into embracing my natural feminine rhythms, releasing all emotional blocks preventing conception
I am free to surrender and embrace who I am, and to choose how I wish to live my life

This Essence Combination is best taken 4 WEEKS ON, THEN 1 WEEK OFF for approximately 3 months OR until Pregnancy is achieved



Successfull pregnancy (Ann H)
This essence has really helped me emotionally, and I now have every bit of faith in my body and have a positive outlook for this pregnancy and adding to our family.

I became obsessed and uptight about my cycles and my fertility after five early miscarriages (all around the 5 week mark). This essence helped to calm me. It gave me patience and helped to give me trust in my body - to relax and let nature do what it is meant to do. I found myself 'going with the flow' for the first time since we started trying.

It has also helped me with my feelings towards the relationship I have with my existing son who was conceived without effort. I was feeling resentment and guilt for wanting more than one child, but I found these feelings vanish whilst taking this essence.

Thank you very much - these really are 'Nature's Flowers of Life'!