Chakra Essences (8)
(15ml @ $ 20 )

A selection of 8 essence blends - a separate essence for each of the 7 major chakras of the body, plus one for the chakras above the crown.

Each one consists of a combination of 7 carefully selected Nature's Flowers of Life essences, except for the Upper Chakra blend which has only 3 essences. These combinations are designed to promote balance and re-alignment to ALL of the energy centres and their emotional and physical counterparts, not just the 7 major ones.

Working with the chakras in this way allows for activating and supporting transformation, and thus healing of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

Base Chakra
Improves vitality & life-force; Increases survival instincts. This is where cells hold memories and ancient knowledge of your creation and soul purpose.
Glands/Organs Adrenals; Spinal Column; Kidneys
Colour Rays Red and Earth Brown.

Sacral Chakra
Balancing emotions; Pleasure; Sex/Procreation; Assimilating new ideas and creativity; The seat of the inner child; Holds emotional pain experienced during childhood.
Glands/Organs Reproductive system; Gonads
Colour Rays Orange.

Solar Plexus chakra
Mastery of inner strength, self-worth and self empowerment; Acceptance and love of self
Glands/Organs Pancreas; Stomach; Liver; Gall bladder; Nervous system
Colour Rays Golden Yellow

Heart Chakra
Anchors love vibrations; Forgiveness; Compassion; Understanding; Acceptance; Group consciousness; Inner Peace and Divinity
Glands/Organs Heart; lungs; Immune system; Thymus; Lyumph; Vagus nerve; Circulation
Colour Rays Pink, Green, Aqua.

Throat Chakra
Improves communication and ability to speak your truth; Wisdom; Loyalty; Honesty; Gentleness; Kindness; Reliability
Glands/Organs Bronchial; Vocal cords; Lungs; Alimentary canal; Throat; Mouth and teeth; Thyroid.
Colour Rays Blue

Third-Eye Chakra
Intuition; Self-evaluation; Vision; Spiritual insight; Peace of mind; Wisdom; Truth; Intellect
Glands/Organs Pituitary; Lower brain; Left eye; Ears; Nose; Nervous system
Colour Rays Violet and Indigo.

Crown Chakra
Vitalises upper brain; Unity; Divine wisdom & understanding; Selfless service; Letting go of ego; Connecting with Higher Self
Glands/Organs Pineal; Upper Brain; Cerebral cortex; Right eye.
Colour Rays Golden-white, Violet.

Upper or Soul Star Chakra
Gateway to the broader universe and is the seat of the subconscious mind or Higher Self; Assimilation of understanding beyond the physical; Awakening to your Divinity; Purification; Joy; Trust; Communication with your angels.
Colour Rays Silver; Turquoise; Magenta and Orange-pink.


This was a wonderful experience to take the whole 8 chakras essences. The Base Chakra was a strong feeling for me. I felt a heavy feeling in that area that lasted for a few days. I felt like something was leaving my body that was very emotional. Sacral essence was not so profound for me more balancing. SolarPlexus essence I felt emotional for a day, then it seemed to lift. Heart chakra essence and the rest of the essences opened me up to lots of dreaming, working out issues on a spiritual level. My third eye felt a strong feeling of pressure in that spot which seemed to give me more insight to where I am going in life and what I want to do.

After taking all essences I felt a feeling of more production for myself. This is one of the strongest feelings I got out of the whole 8 essences. Strength and moving on in life for myself.