Chakra Alignment Essence
(15ml dose @ $ 20.00)

Aligning and balancing the whole chakra system

Chakras are the energy centers of the body and are responsible for the proper functioning of the physical body and its various organs. Malfunctioning chakras can cause a variety of ailments. Chakras organise reception, assimilation and transmission of vital energy. They are like spinning wheels of energy found along your spine, opening both at the front and back of your body.

When your energy body and chakras are out of balance it can throw all kinds of things in your life out of alignment. But when they are balanced, you’ll be able to feel good, energised and vibrant regardless of what’s happening in the world around you. When in alignment it is easier to connect with your guides and angels, and make empowered choices. We have 12 main chakras within our human system although are many other minor ones associated with them throughout the body.

The Chakra Alignment Essence is a blend of essences consisting of a combination of each of the 8 Chakra Essence blends which are separately available on this website. These essences are high frequency essences, being prepared with high frequency etheric colour rays and gem elixirs. They each consist of a combination of 7 carefully selected Nature's Flowers of Life™ flower essences - with the exception of the Upper or Soul Star Chakra blend, which has only 3.

Each of the Nature's Flowers of Life™ flower essences were created with gem elixirs, thus further enhancing the energies of these blends. The Chakra Alignment blend is designed to promote balance and re-alignment within ALL of the body's energy centres and their emotional and physical counterparts, not just the major chakras. Working with the chakras in this way allows for activating and supporting transformation, and thus aligning and healing the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

The Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras relate to the lower physical body and related auras, as well as all of the organs, glands and energy centres within them. In relation to your physical connection to the Earth they manage such things as improving vitality & life-force; Emotions (including that of the inner child); Creativity; Inner strength, self-worth & personal Empowerment.

The Heart is for forgiveness and compassion. It anchors love vibrations and energises the physical body with life-force. It connects a person with their Divinity.

The Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakras relate to your upper body and higher frequency energies, which includes improving communication and the ability to speak your truth; They allow for a closer connection with the life-force from Spirit. They are for letting go of ego; Connecting to your inner wisdom, intuition and Higher Self.

The Soul Star Chakra exists above the Crown. It is the gateway to the broader universe and is the seat of the subconscious mind or Higher Self. It is for assimilation of your understanding beyond the physical. When the Soul Star Chakra is in alignment with the other chakras there is a sense of purposefulness and realisation of your true Divinity.

The Earth Star chakra exists below the feet and is your grounding connection with the planet and Mother Gaia, Goddess of the Earth. Through this chakra you draw on the planet’s vibrations as well as discharging your excess energies. When balanced there is a sense of security and peace, and a deep connection to nature.

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