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Boronia ledifolia

This essence was prepared with a Clear Quartz crystal

Calming repetitive thoughts
Ending relationships amiably
Herpes virus healing

Behold the beauty that I offer to the world, for I offer calm where there is inner turmoil in the mind that has difficulty in being set free. (The flower speaks)

The Boronia plant is an Australian native heath plant, several different varieties of which can be found around Australia. The flowers are bright pink with 4 spreading petals which are usually formed singly from the leaf axils. The bright green leaves are strongly aromatic when crushed. When the flower is finished the petals close up to resemble a bud and the fruit ripens inside this. The name Boronia is derived from the Latin words folium meaning a leaf; and ledum referring to the appearance of the foliage.

When the mind cannot seem to rest regarding a situation that is difficult to resolve, or a challenging issue to deal with in a person's life, the Boronia essence is able to offer solace. It calms the mind when there is a repetition of persistent thoughts that continue to plague the mind.

Boronia is helpful for those sleepless nights when you cannot calm those repetitive thoughts from the mind. It will allow you to gain more clarity to resolve the situation. With more clarity and calmness of mind there is greater possibility for you to choose to appreciate those experiences as having been ones to have learned from rather than being negative thoughts to hold onto.

Boronia is especially useful in situations where a relationship is about to end or has ended. It allows you to feel more at peace with the situation and therefore achieve a willingness to allow a more amiable ending to the relationship.

This essence may be useful for people who have become obsessive or compulsive about particular things or activities in their lives. The Boronia essence allows the mind to calm and retract from the obsessions so that those affected activities don't appear to be quite so threatening, therefore easing the situation.

The Boronia essence has been known to heal the lesions of the herpes virus by applying Boronia essence to them, either undiluted or diluted in a small amount of water. The herpes virus has a tendency to be repetitive, returning when certain circumstances arise, such as low immune system levels; physical or emotional lows, or excessive stress.

To assist with the healing of herpes related symptoms it is recommended to use the Boronia essence externally with regularity whilst at the same time taking it orally.

I release all obsessive thoughts and practices
My thoughts are calm and peaceful now

Clear Quartz
Emotional balancer * Stimulates brain functions and amplifies thought forms * Receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy * Enhances inter-dimensional communication and communication with Higher Self and Spirit Guides.