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BlackEyed Susan
Tetratheca ericifolia

This essence was prepared with a Black Tourmaline crystal

Slowing down
Calming scattered energies
Patience and tolerance

Lightening strikes but once in the same place, and so it is that you will benefit most through teachings associated with each step you take on your journey – so step slowly and consciously! (The flower speaks)

Black-Eyed Susan has a calming and balancing effect being perfect to help slow a person down so they become more centred and in tune with their intuitive self. In this more calm and centred state their lives have the opportunity to flow more smoothly and effectively as they begin to take each step more consciously.

This essence is for people who are always rushing around, constantly living in the “fast lane" of life. They tend to run rather than walk as they feel they have so much to do, and try to fit as much as possible into each day. They usually have many projects underway at the same time and don't like to be kept waiting.

Because they are constantly living in the “fast lane" these people create a lot of stress in their bodies, which can lead to all kinds of stress-related symptoms such as headaches, indigestion and muscle tension, or a nervous breakdown.

People who would benefit most from Black-eyed Susan don't have patience with others when they aren't as fast thinking or acting as fast as they are, or when they appear to get in the way of their progress. They will often become irritable and can have unacceptable expectations of others. For this reason also they aren't willing or able to delegate tasks.

A positive outcome of using Black-Eyed Susan is that these people will have patience to listen to and connect with others as well as being more tolerant and sympathetic with them. They will also be more able to be of assistance to those who don't grasp concepts as quickly as they do. As they feel less pressured and able to let go of the need to control, they will be capable of delegating tasks to others and allow things to go at their own pace of completion.

The Black-eyed Susan plant has heath-like foliage and its name means “four sided box”, relating to the 4 petals. The flowers usually vary between deep lilac-pink to a paler pink in colour. The “black eyes” are the pollen-bearing tips appearing on the 8 stamens within the centre of the flower.

I take each step slowly and consciously
I achieve all tasks calmly and patiently
I am patient and tolerant of others

Black Tourmaline
Repels and protects against negativity and victimisation from others * Energy deflector - useful against exposure to excessive amounts of radiation * Increases physical vitality, emotional stability and intellectual acuity * Activates grounding between first chakra and the centre of the Earth * Can provide stimulation and balancing of the adrenal glands