Australian Natives

Most of these Australian Native Essences were created in the City of the Blue Mountains NSW, some of them on sacred sites.

You might like to allow me to choose a personal combination blend of essences for you. By tuning into your Higher Self I can select an essence blend that would best assist you through your challenges. Send me an email with a brief outline of what it is that you're wishing to change in your life.


You may prefer to choose your own selection for a personal combination. (no more than 5 is best).
Personal Combination Essence request

These essences can be ordered as a kit or choosen separately below

Australian Dollars

Kit of 25 Australian Natives
Includes Timber box
$ 269.00

Select your essences from the list below:

Black-Eyed Susan (Black Tourmaline)
Slowing down, Calming scattered energies

Boronia (Clear Quartz)
Obsessive thoughts; Pining for recently ended relationships; Creates mental calmness

Bush Iris (Royal Blue Tourmaline)
Spiritual insights; Understanding beyond the material/physical world; Assists in meditation

Christmas Bush (Yellow Fluorite)
Embracing the birthing of the inner Christ consciousness; Connecting with the passion of your inner gifts and talents

Cooktown Orchid (Amethyst & Snow Quartz)
Eases planetary & personal transitions; Softens brash attitudes & fixed ideas; Engenders gentle, loving masculine energies

Dagger Hakea (Turquoise)
Engenders forgiveness & open expression of feelings

Darwinia (Clear Quartz)
Release of Pain & suffering at soul level; Inner Peace & Love for all

Flannel Flower (Malachite)
Dislike of being touched; Creates joy, trust, sensuality & gentleness

Fringed Violet (Amethyst)
Removing effects of past & present distress; Psychic protection; Aura repair

Geebung (Clear Quartz)
Renewed sense of inner peace; Broadening outlook; Ability to move on

Geraldton Wax (Bloodstone)
For those who feel disassociated with life & love; Creating safe boundaries to give & receive love; Eases sensitivity & brings balance to mind & emotions

Grevillea (Rose Quartz)
Joy and playfulness; Tranquility and balance; Courage, strength and perseverance; Embracing your inner beauty and magnificence

Gymea Lily (Clear Quartz)
Humility; Awareness & appreciation of others; Allowing others to contribute & express themselves

Flexibility; Contentment & acceptance of your own knowledge

Isopogon (Fluorite)
Retrieval of forgotten skills; Improves poor memory; Learning from past experiences

Large Tongue Orchid (Tigers Eye)
Recognition of inner reality as truth

Little Flannel Flower (Gold)
Addressing the child within; Playfulness; Carefree

Mountain Devil (Malachite)
Unconditional love; Clearing hatred, anger & resentments

Old Man Banksia (Turquoise)
Renewed enjoyment & interest in life after feeling; sluggish and low in energy

Red Flowering Gum (Royal Blue Tourmaline)
Remaining centred & focussed without distraction

Rock Lily Orchid (Malachite)
Clearing, balancing & aligning the physical energy centres; Integrating your 5th dimensional Soul Spirit chakras

She Oak (Carnelian)
Balance of masculine and feminine within; Courage & self-worth; Hormonal balancing in men

She Oak(male-flower)
Balance of masculine & feminine within; Courage and Self worth; Hormonal balancing in men

Waratah (Bloodstone)
Finding courage & tenacity during times of despair & hopelessness

Weeping Bottlebrush (Blue Lace Agate)
Muscle & nerve relaxation; Letting go life's fears & struggles; Strengthens kidney assimilation & elimination

Caring for your Whole Being
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