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Ascension Rose

This essence was prepared with a Moonstone crystal

Embracing the perfection of YOU
Re-kindling the joy of life

Let there be Light & Love & Peace - for these are what I represent (The Rose speaks)

Joy! Joy! Joy! This essence helps re-kindle the joy of life joy in beholding the beauty and the love that surrounds you at all times. It activates bubbling effervescent joy and contentment in just being YOU.

This beloved Ascension Rose signifies purity and perfection. Although this may appear to be what you have been striving to achieve as you walk your earthly life, you already are perfection! There is perfection in all imperfections and it is important for us to learn to love all stages of our individually chosen paths. You should not look for perfection in the physical as this is but an illusion. The Ascension Rose essence will remind you of this so that you may walk lightly in Love and Joy.

As a rose opens from the bud and unfurls its layers of petals to the Light, it exposes its inner beauty. We unfurl similarly as we grow, expand and remember the beauty that lies within, each person being as beautiful as a rose regardless of what they have chosen to experience in their lives.

Ascension is a term given to the process of raising the consciousness and vibrations of this planet and all that is a part of it, to more expanded frequencies. In this context the frequencies of the planet are being transfigured to contain more Light and Divine Love. These frequencies support the transformation of the consciousness of humanity to be more heart focussed - in love and in unity with each other, the planet and your own sacred self.

The Ascension Rose essence supports you in finding the confidence to stand strong in your own authority and the truth of who you are. It assists you in trusting that your journey is supported by your Guides, Teachers and the Higher Realms of Light - as has always been the case throughout your various lifetimes and experiences.

As we expand our love and light from within we pave the way for the hearts and minds of others to awaken in our wake. We then create the opportunity for becoming pure conduits for Divinity and for seeing this planet and all of life as an Ascended Master would perceive it. An ascended master's perspective is to honour the perfection of each with compassion and acceptance for their chosen journeys - without judgement.

The Ascension Rose supports your journey to more understanding and acceptance of your own magnificence, allowing you to be joyful and at peace within yourself.

I embrace my magnificence allowing joy and peace to permeate who I am

Balancing; Introspective; Reflective; Lunar * Relates to "new beginnings" * Acknowledging the changing up and down cycles of life * For feeling and understanding via intuition rather than intellectualising * Cleansing negativity from chakras * Enhancing feminine aspects of one's nature * Arousing tenderness within the self * Providing connection between physical, emotional and intellectual bodies * Enhancing assimilation of nutrients to assist in elimination of toxins and treat disorders of digestive and elimination systems