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Aloe Vera
Aloe speciosa

This essence was prepared with a Clear Quartz crystal

Healing imbalances from the past on a cellular level
Healing wounds and skin conditions
Balancing stomach conditions
Relieving leaky bowel symptoms

The Aloe Vera essence has the ability to heal on both etheric and physical levels. It has the ability to heal imbalances from the past which are stored in the auric fields, as well as working on a deep cellular level to balance the cells within the physical body.

Memories of all past experiences (including those from past lives) are stored within the auric bodies as well as within the cells of the body. The Aloe Vera essence assists in the release of vibrations holding those memories within the cells and bodies, allowing a balancing and raising of vibrations to a higher frequency to occur.

The doctrine of signatures is symbolised by the jagged edges on the leaves of the Aloe Vera expressing its ability to "saw" through to the layers of truth that lie within the very core of your soul - to the truth of who you really are and why you are on the Earth plane.

This essence is excellent for treating conditions where there is a general breakdown or degeneration of tissues, such as with tumors, leukemia and cancer.**

It has the ability to alleviate holes or lacerations in the physical and etheric bodies, therefore it is useful in cases of obsession caused by holes in the aura. Such cases are often associated with past life traumas.**

Aloe Vera essence is effective for many skin conditions. It stimulates the nervous system and helps increase circulation, especially when the essence is rubbed into the skin. It can be added to essential oils or to massage oils and rubbed onto the body. If rubbed onto the feet it improves the effects of reflexology.

This essence can help maintain an appropriate temperature within the stomach as well as relieving stomach imbalances such as excessive acid and indigestion. It also has the ability to relieve leaky bowel symptoms.

Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas

I release memories of past experiences which no longer serve me
My stomach and digestion are in perfect balance

Clear Quartz
Emotional balancer * Stimulates brain functions and amplifies thought forms * Receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy * Enhances inter-dimensional communication and communication with Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

I was directed by my therapist to take 3 drops 3 times per day of your Aloe Vera essence. Apparently, right now the Aloe Vera is helping to maintain the proper temperature in my stomach. The condition being treated is 'chronic bowel disturbance'. Also, since I am looking to get pregnant soon, my therapist said that the essence would be a good support for breastfeeding.

How appropriate is Aloe Vera for me at this time. I have had an over acid system for quite sometime and finally had it medically checked - leaky gut. I started using Aloe Vera about a week ago and it has helped heal my leaky gut and most acid symptoms have almost disappeared.

My husband adds the drops straight onto his skin. He has many blemishes and it helps heal them. I had a ingrown bite on my arm for years and because of the drops it is almost gone. I have also added it to almond lotion in the past. Great stuff!!