What are Flower Essences?

Flower Power

The Nature of Flowers

The Nature of flowers is more than just beauty
Visually calming and filling the air
with aromatic flavours for
perfumes and beauty
Wonderful flowers are everywhere
Flowers for Love
Flowers for Beauty
Flowers at Funerals for loved ones lost
Flowers for gifts and for all occasions
Vibrations of love, of colour and of healing
All in the blossoms of Natures sweet gifts
(By Solara Antara Zwaneveld)

What are Flower Essences?
Flowers are the life-force of a plant and essences made from them could be thought of as being Tinctures of Liquid Consciousness due to the fact that they store within them particular patterns of energy. These patterns differ within the different forms and structures of each plant and/or flower type. These energies stimulate eventual change to particular underlying fears and self-limiting patterns held within the body cells relating to a person's life experiences.

About Flower Essences
Flower Essences are vibrational medicines which are non-physical in nature and are therefore non-toxic. For this reason they are free from side effects and are self-adjusting to your individual needs. They are excellent in supporting a client's well-being alongside most medications as well as other complimentary health practises such as kinesiology, spiritual healing and massage therapies.

Physical health depends greatly on the energy generated by thoughts and feelings. Flower Essence Remedies offer a gentle and natural form of balancing and transforming these energies. To heal the body we first must heal the deep-seated feelings that cause the disturbances. Our external pains and difficulties are always mirrors of inner pain and fears. These essences stimulate your body's innate capacity to harmonise and align the emotional and mental bodies in order to allow the body to heal. They offer opportunities to strengthen your personal empowerment.

Flower essence remedies provide an opportunity to address what is out of balance in your life. These Essences gently address daily challenges such as stress, anger, grief, self-worth, abundance, and relationships. They are lovingly prepared to bring about positive, effective changes within every aspect of your daily life - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They also assist with the release of repressed cellular memories held within the body from your past experiences and those passed down through your ancestors.

How to take Flower Essences
Flower essences are available in two strengths. A stock is a concentrated solution whereas a dose is diluted from the stock. Most remedies sold on this site are stock concentrates with the exception of some of the combination essences which may be dose strengths.

Stocks have a shelf life of approximately 4-5 years whereas doses approximately 4-6 weeks. They are best stored in a cool, dark place.

The recommended method for taking essences is by placing several drops of the essences directly under the tongue and holding it there for a moment. This way they are absorbed quickly and easily into the body. Alternatively the drops can be added to a small amount of water and held in the mouth for a moment before swallowing.

The recommended dosage is usually that they be taken two to three times a day for approximately 2-3 weeks to properly get things moving. The 15ml bottles in which they are sold usually provides the correct amount for a full course for a person's needs. Essences will generally continue to be active for some time after stopping. They are suitable for adults, children and animals of all ages.

When taking essences for long-term periods such as Childbearing Blend for infertility, or Colon Cleanse, it is recommended that they be taken for 4 weeks ON and then 2 weeks OFF for up to 6 months. Calming Essence can be taken as often as is deemed necessary during times of extreme anxiety, trauma or migraines.

Flower Essences are also suitable for your pets who usually respond very well to them. The drops can be placed directly into their mouth or added to their food or water.

Using Essences
As you flow along life's path, your challenges and emotional needs change regularly as you may be sorting through specific situations in your life. In so doing your needs would be met by different remedy choices at different times.

At times particular remedies may need to be repeated to address challenges that you are working through. This would depend on either how deep-seated these may be, and/or how well you have been progressing in rising above them. In most cases a different remedy blend would be required for each selection as you work through layers of emotions and challenges.

As Flower Essences are ingested they are assimilated into the circulatory system and then into the nervous system where they connect with the life-force and consciousness of the subtle bodies, chakras and cellular structure of the physical body. As the Remedies are absorbed into the body they trigger responses that assist with the release of repressed cellular memories thus offering opportunities for a person to step aside and see a situation with a different perspective.

Remedies generally continue to be active for some time after a dosage has been completed, so it is usual for a short space of time be allowed between remedies. However this varies with each individual person, and it is suggested you trust your intuition with regard to this. Sometimes you may feel impressed to follow on with the next blend immediately for whatever reason. It is safe to do so because of their ability to self-adjust to your physical and emotional needs.

Flower Essences can also be effective when used externally on the body. They can be added to massage oils or creams, or used as a poultice or in a bath. When added to oil burner/vaporisers or sprays they can be useful to clear and calm the energies of a room or to clear your aura; e.g. Equanimity Energy Spray.

Gemstones and Crystals are intuitively included within the preparation process of this range of essences to enhance and magnify their energies and healing properties. Solara uses her voice to sing healing sounds during the preparation of essences to help raise the vibrations and connect with the plant devas & elementals.

Flower Essences work most effectively when there is a conscious intent and willingness for healing so that life changes and transformation can take place. Affirmations have therefore been provided with each of the flower varieties on this site to assist with focus, intent and commitment to change. These affirmations are given as examples and can be changed to whatever you feel suits best for you.

The name 'Nature's Flowers of Life ®' was chosen to be in partnership with the ancient 'Flower of Life' sacred geometrical symbol. It holds within it an interdimensional spiritual window, or portal into the soul. It appears as a series of circles that overlap one another to create flower-like petals. These geometric forms are to be found in all life forms, particles and molecules.

History of Essences
The essence of flowers,plants and crystals are known to have been used in Ancient Egyptian times, as well as in Asia, Europe and South America. They have been known to have been used in the days of Atlantis approximately 150,000 years ago ( Gurudas - 'Flower Essences & Vibrational Healing' ).

Approximately 500 years ago a man named Paracelsus developed a concept known as the Doctrine of Signatures of plants and flowers. This concept holds that the appearance of the plant or flower conveys insights that relate to their healing qualities. The Doctrine of Signatures can relate to the shape, colour or texture of a flower, plant, or tree or to the number of petals or stamen for example. This concept is used in most of the flower files found on this site.

Choosing Your Essences
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