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Rock Lily Orchid
ORCHIDEAE Dendrobium Speciosum

This essence was prepared with a Malachite crystal

Clearing, balancing and aligning the physical energy centres
Integrating your 5th dimensional Soul Spirit chakras

Get Ready - Get Ready! Get ready to take hold and flow with the new energies of today's world. So potent are these energies that they are almost tangible.

The Rock Lily Orchid essence is for assisting with the assimilation of the new incoming energies. It is for altering the state of the chakras within the body, as well as those above the body those connected more closely with Divinity. Our chakras are being transformed and our bodies are becoming more crystalline in nature, enabling receiving and integrating the faster, higher vibrating energies that are being projected to us.

Whilst altering the state of the chakras within the body, Rock Lily Orchid also assists with bringing the Upper 5 chakras that now reside above the Crown, into the physical body itself. Once our present physical chakras are cleared, balanced, and fully aligned, these upper chakras will begin to integrate and settle within the body.

The Doctrine of Signatures of the this flower shows the form of a hand with five finger-like petals bent towards one another as if ready to take hold of something. Long flowing stems support many small creamy white flowers creating a beautiful bushy mass. Their white spotted centres are shaped as if ready to scoop up what the 'fingers' may take hold of. The individual flowers are pale yellow whilst in bud and also when finishing their life span, adding more colour to the mass. The mass of tiny flowers remind me of droplets of starlight, and the whole bushy stem seems to reflect the ONEness of the multitudes, of humanity and All That Is.

Whilst tuning into the flower I was shown a golden lightening beam connecting with the flowers. As this essence is being ingested, a similar beam of light energy may be seen flowing down through your upper chakras into all of the physical chakras, and then into the cellular structure of your physical biology.

The Rock Lily Orchid essence has an Angelic vibration. It is a powerful essence in its properties, yet it is assured that the changes will be self-adjusting according to your personal resonance and needs (as are all of the Flower Essences). You are supported and held by Angels through these changes as you become more attuned with your own Divinity.

All people and living Beings on Earth are going through major physiological changes in these times and Gaia's chakra system will be changing similarly to your own. As you set your intent on your personal clearing and balancing, aligning and integrating, you will also be assisting Gaia and other Earth inhabitants around you. Your energies will touch many so that they too may begin choosing to open their inner awareness to the incoming energies and their willingness to change.

There is still much to do to change our world to one of peace, equality, love and respect for one another other and for Gaia. We are being assisted by our Angelic friends and are assured that everything is moving along in perfect Divine Order.

I now balance and align my energy centres whilst integrating my 5th dimensional Soul Spirit chakras

A "stone of transformation" assisting one to change situations * Assists in clearing and activating all chakras, but especially stimulating the heart and throat chakras * Clarifying emotions and for recognition and release of negative unconscious experiences * Enhances intuition and insight